The PLAYER2 Story

On a crisp spring morning, as the dew slowly started to fade from the fairways; Bill, AJ, David and buddy Shane were teeing off.

AJ addressed the ball for a few seconds and swung away. His ball was never to be found again as it disappeared into the woods on the left.

"Drop Another!" Bill said. AJ did and roped it 275 yards straight down the fairway. "PLAYER2 always comes through," said AJ "Every Time," said Bill.

And with that; PLAYER2 was born!

PLAYER2, is for every golfer that pictures the perfect shot in their mind's eye - but may need a second ball to pull it off.

That second putt that always goes in. That second wedge from 120 that lands 5 feet to the right every time.

It's that feeling in your gut that you have this shot in you - this time.

And what gets you back to the first tee, ready to Drop Another.

PLAYER2 enjoys hanging with friends just as much as they enjoy making that rare birdie. Lighting up a cigar and walking down the fairway looking for the beverage cart. That feeling that Life is Good...and wishing their game was as well.

PLAYER2 lifestyle is paying respect to the game through thoughtful design and comfort resonating with all who love the game!!

PLAYER2 is everyday clothing to play golf and golf clothing for everyday living!

Enjoy your next round...FORE!!!

- AJ, Bill & David